CMC ITALIA manufactures machines for Bookbinding and Paper Converting since 1937, constantly renewing its experience in designing state-of-the-art production systems. CMC ITALIA machines are “Made in Italy”, guaranteeing high quality and original design.


The original technical solutions applied by our engineers are the result of a constant research and dialogue with our customers. Our machines are designed to be reliable over time while ensuring high productivity, reduced starting time, being versatile and easy to use.


In our philosophy, people are essential under every aspect. Understanding the user’s needs and providing the best solutions is an essential part of designing processes. CMC has a trusted partner team, chosen for their reliability and professionality, and is present in both Italy and the World with a sale&support network always available and prepared.


CMC machines, cured in every single detail, differ thanks to the components’ superiority installed and their innovative technical features. CMC offers a vast and complete range of complete and modular machines, capable of satisfying every production need.


A CMC machine is an irreplaceable work instrument that keeps its relieability over time. If You want Your investment keeps its value over time, choosing a CMC machine will satisfy your needs.

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