Q-Cover Start

Q-COVER START – Sizes available:

Q-COVER-START • 50×70 cm
Q-COVER-START-L • 50×110 cm
Q-COVER-START-XL • 70×110 cm

Work station consisting of the Turning-in machine PYXIS with vacuum table and guides to position the boards. Production of binders, book-covers, sample-books, signboards for shop windows etc.

• Vacuum table with guides for paper and board up to three pieces
• Pressing jaws with anti-adhesive treatment, for a quick cleaning
• Small dimensions
• Precise and versatile
• Modular design to be integrated with Gluer LYNX and Nip Roller AURIGA to upgrade to Q-Cover One

Q-Cover One

Q-COVER ONE – Sizes available:

Q-COVER-ONE • 48×70 cm
Q-COVER-ONE-L • 48×110 cm
Q-COVER-ONE-XL • 70×110 cm

Modular work station:
Gluer LYNX, Edge-Turner PYXIS with vacuum table and guides, Nip Roller AURIGA.
Production of binders, book-covers, sample-books, signboards for
shop windows etc.

• Gluer for hot and PVA glue
• Vacuum table with guides for paper and board up to three pieces
• Edge turner with with anti-adhesive treatment, for a quick cleaning
• Nip roller to press the finished product
• Ergonomic and versatile
• Easy to place and always ready to use

Q-Cover Two

Q-COVER TWO – Sizes available:

Q-COVER-TWO • 48×78 cm
Q-COVER-TWO-L • 48×100 cm

Work station – Casemaker
It turns-in two sides in one pass, the other two sides are turned-in with a second
pass. Output on collector table or to the operator.

• Fast and accurate

Q-Cover Four

Q-COVER FOUR – Sizes available:

Q-COVER-FOUR • 48×78 cm
Q-COVER-FOUR-L • 48×100 cm

Work station – Casemaker
It turns in all four sides in one pass. Output on collector table at the side of the
operator for an immediate view of the finished product.

• Highly productive


Many options are available, to make your Q-COVER even more
efficient and productive.

Synchronized adjustment of corner folding devices
Feeding belt with corner folding devices
• Glue tank heater with recirculating pump
• Viscometer
Programmable water injection and automatic washing device
Additional set of guides to position 5 pieces of cardboard
• Fast adjustment spine guides for “one-off” production
Guides “one-off” with mirrors for spine print
Speed variator (on Gluer and Nip Roller)

Q-Cover Brochure


Q-Case dx

Q-CASE – Sizes available:

Q-CASE • 50×42 cm

Casing-in machine for books, agendas, photo albums, photo books

• Manual book block feeding
• Cover support and guide
• Automatic casing in
• Programmable water injection and automatic washing device (optional)
• No change over
• Simple, precise and fast
• Does not require skilled personnel
• It automatically adapts to books of different thickness and size

Q-Case • Q-Finish Brochure



Q-FINISH – Sizes available:

Q-FINISH • 50×42 cm

Integrated hydraulic press and joint forming machine

• Automatic book input and output
• High hydraulic pressure
• Heated plates and blades, with separate timers
• Adjustable pressure and temperature
• No change over time
• Book is perfectly finished in one pass
• Does not require skilled personnel

Q-Case • Q-Finish Brochure



Q-PRESS – Sizes available:

Q-PRESS-5040-P • 50×40 cm
Q-PRESS-7050-P • 50×70 cm
Q-PRESS-5040 • 50×40 cm
Q-PRESS-7050 • 50×70 cm

Press for bookbinding, for pressing books or binders.

Thanks to a unique double effect system, a work area is under pressure, while
the opposite plate is free to be loaded.

• Contained overall dimensions
• Non-stop working and top quality books

Q-Press Brochure


Q-Joint - Yellow

Q-JOINT – Sizes available:

Q-JOINT-PE • 50 cm • Pedal
Q-JOINT-PN •  50 cm • Pneumatic

Joint forming machine, to prepare the opening joint between cover and spine of the book.

• Electrically heated blades with thermo-control
• Versions with treadle or pneumatic operation
• Auto-cycle device for the pneumatic version, allows adjustment of
pressure time (optional)
• Fast and accurate
• Small dimensions

Q-Joint Brochure



Q-ROUND – Sizes available:

Q-ROUND • 50 cm

Rounding machine for bookblocks.

Rotating jaws
Spring-loaded lower frame
Motorized thickness adjustment
• Both jaws are fine-striped, to improve the gripping on the book back
• Robust and reliable

Q-Round Brochure


Q-Band 1

Q-BAND – Sizes available:

Q-BAND-ONE • 80×450 mm 

Machine to apply the headband to the book spine.

• Single head, table top.
• Application made by double-sided tape.
• Machine always ready to use
• Requires no cleaning.
• Fast size change over

Q-Band Brochure



M-FLAT – Sizes available:

M-FLAT • 350×450 mm

Working station for the production of photobooks with self adhesive film.

• Creaser
• Accurate spotting guides
• Press to finish the book block
• Practic and versatile
• Does not require skilled personnel
• It can be delivered together with a LYNX gluer, to produce photobooks with PVA glue

M-Flat Brochure



M-CUT – Sizes available:

M-CUT • 36 cm

Table-top handle guillotine, ideal for bookbindery ateliers, print-shops and offices. Suitable for books, labels etc.

• Inclined blade with end-of-stroke alignment
• Fully cast iron structure
• Support height-frame (optional)
• The cleanest cut with the lowest effort
• Great cutting thickness

M-Cut Brochure



M-CASE – Sizes available:

M-CASE • 52 cm

Double gluing machine to case-in books.
It glues the book in one pass, to manually fit the hard-cover

• Double-roller gluing system for a perfect smearing
• Gluing units with compensation for the different thickness
• Long lasting guaranteed by the use of rust-proof materials
• Manual feeding of the book block, gluing on both sides
• Output onto delivery belts for manual spotting of the cover
Fast change-over
• Suitable for any production requirement
• Robust and reliable
• Practic and versatile

M-Case Brochure


M-Press M

M-PRESS-M – Sizes available:

M-PRESS-M 40-30 • 40×30 cm
M-PRESS-M 52-40 • 52×40 cm

Manual press

• Pressure hand-wheel at a fixed height
• Practic and versatile
• The highest pressure with the lowest effort

M-Press S

M-PRESS-S – Sizes available:

M-PRESS-S 50-40 • 50×40 cm
M-PRESS-S 70-50 • 70×50 cm

Percussion press

Pressing hand-wheel with percussion device
• High pressure with minimum effort
• Strength and long life

M-Press H

M-PRESS-H – Disponibile in formato:

M-PRESS-H 52-40 • 52×40 cm
M-PRESS-H 75-56 • 75×56 cm

Hydraulic press

• Adjustable pressure with manometer indicator
• High load capacity
• Finished books of excellent quality

M-Press Brochure

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